Wonderfull Antwerp

"Wonderful Antwerp" ... The title of the fourth book about the world of fashion, atmosphere- and lifestyle photographer Henk van Cauwenbergh covers a wide load. After earlier photographic masterpieces of the culinary hotspots and eccentric places to be in Paris, London and Amsterdam, enthroned Belgian top photographer viewer and reader, this time to the most beautiful Antwerp classics. "Wonderful Antwerp 'is an artistic visual teaser city trip or to visit the city of culinary and cultural. And like the previous large format book is of Cauwenbergh now a complementary tandem again with Els De Vlieghere, his partner, stylist and makeup artiste during shoots. She was also responsible for the framing and the artistic layout of the book.

Henk van Cauwenbergh is the multi-artistic photographer who for years made a calendar with beautiful famous Flemish women. He is still active as a fashion-, lifestyle- and reportage photographer but focuses also on to publish literally 'exemplary' books with the smell, color and taste of major European cities.

This beautiful art book, a limited edition, is a "collector's item".

By Imago Magazine you may be quick to order this book will be sold.

More information about “Wonderful Antwerp” or how to order can be found in Imago Magazine Special Winter 2017.