Topdokter Wim Distelmans

That we are a global leader Belgians are our euthanasia legislation we owe primarily at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the pioneers of palliative care in our country. Twelve years after the adoption of the first law could from 2014 Also for minors. Now it is waiting for further refinement because doctors are still struggling with some restrictions such as euthanasia in dementia, so wait for a new federal government that succeeds because despite the composition to include ethical issues in the government policy statement.

Big advocate for a dignified life is a professor-doctor Wim Distelmans (° 1952 Brasschaat) , known at the Flemish public as one of the topdokters from the eponymous TV show Four.

Read the interview with Dr. Wim Distelmans in Imago Magazine Fall 2017