Imago, timeless magazine for entrepreneurs and professionals

Text & Photo's: Kevin Logist – VOKA. Interview published in the magazine "Enterprise" – December 2014.

Jan & Martine Tuerlinckx - Colon

Imago is the qualitative lifestyle magazine published by Maja Publishing. To the 27 year the magazine focusing on contemporary and timeless at the same time articles to a loyal readership, especially entrepreneurs and professionals. The magazine is distributed via a free subscription in Flanders and also has a local interpretation by province.

"In all the years that we are working with Imago, there has never someone denounced a subscription because of no interest. It says something about the strength of our medium ", explains Jan Tuerlinckx, responsible publisher of Imago. A remarkable achievement.


Jan Tuerlinckx and Martine Colon are the driving forces behind the magazine Imago. With their years of experience in publishing- and media world they built the magazine into a fixed value with average 60.000 subscribers throughout Flanders.

Strong fundamentals
"Imago is a strong concept based on three basic principles", says Tuerlinckx. "It is a high leaf, so you do not just throw away. The content is largely written by its own editorial staff and sent by post with a carefully constructed directory to which the 60.000 copies are sent. "

"Our magazine is printed qualitatively, glued back and finished with matvernis ", Martine Colon adds. "All the technical aspects to be addressed with the utmost care, which the magazine has a high 'collector' content. In addition, we distinguish ourselves by a timeless image and timeless content, brought by a strong editorial. That makes the magazine even months after appearance still may be relevant. Ideal for a waiting room or on the coffee table. The magazine remains "readable" and fits into any decor or reception area. "

"In addition, we will send the magazine to a carefully constructed mailing list", Colon goes further. "What distinguishes us from others, is that we deal with this very confidential. We respect the privacy of our subscribers strong. You will commercialize us never see this data. It would not be logical, since this directory are the backbone of our success is. Advertisers know that they shoot through an advertisement in Imago with a bullet to a specific audience and not with hail as with so many other media. One reaches optimal so the target audience. "

Readers are the best ambassadors
"Our advertisers and our readers are the best ambassadors for the brand", confirms Jan Tuerlinckx. "The first group even shares our magazine to customers and business partners. In the second group, our readers, we notice that the response to actions or calls is very high. That makes Imago therefore a powerful medium. "

"Once a year we spend a theme song from", says Martine Colon. "One of the recurring themes is 'Businesswomen' because we believe that there are a lot of strong women entrepreneurs in Flanders. They get into Imago chance to tell their stories and to present themselves, something that can widely welcomed. It is very special, because we are unique in this Flanders. The interviews with female luminaries and entrepreneurs know thanks to our large and relevant range. It is in that context that Voka - Chamber of Commerce arr. Leuven supports the theme song, because they believe that women entrepreneurs need to be put in the extra attention. Another example is the 'City Specials' which our cities and also the active traders and businesses of the city in question can bring their strengths and activities identified. "

Image is good for your image
"Our advertisers are very important for us", says Tuerlinckx. "Both the small and large, they are for all of us equally valuable. Therefore, we also give due attention to not elitist about coming. However, this is a dangerous trap for an exclusive lifestyle magazine. We want to deter any advertisers or readers. So we can still convince more and more companies to present themselves through Imago. By the very personal contact with the customers, we also frequently offers customized ies customer. Our partners are for us no number but are still really groomed. "

"We often get the question of existing or potential customers how much they have to spend on communication", tells Colon. "With an ad in Imago spent in any case a meaningful budget visibility in a highly targeted audience. Depending on what you can spend, it definitely has a measurable effect. That can not all our competitors say. Some advertisers example works via a QR code and know exactly what an ad in our magazine fetching them. Ideally, yet?”

The future is digital ... but also paper
Imago renewed when you read her popular website: The move to digital became convincingly put further: "We see the renewal of our website as the ultimate support for the magazine. It will also support the magazine with social media. After the publication of the paper edition is that conscious song also becoming free online at the website, which results in an even greater range. But digital printing will never completely replace. For news papers and news media is that much more of a threat. But for magazines such as Imago or interpretation sheets there is no better alternative than paper ", assures us Tuerlinckx. "You will be in a waiting room at the doctor still see no tablet are showing all magazines, not true? No, in the right setting of the print media still have to play a major role. Also emotionally, you notice that people still like to have contact with the paper. Because there we necessarily want to make a difference to the quality of the magazine. "

"What the future holds, I obviously can not say. But what is certain, Imago is that there is today. On 27 year to have a loyal readership expanded linked to the quality that we get to the customers, I do not have too many worries me. There are good times to break for the further development of the magazine. We will therefore also very passionate about ", decision Tuerlinckx.
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