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A stylish magazine with an original layout, excellent articles for a select audience, who can identify themselves with it. A three-monthly seasonal magazine, which you won’t just leaf through and put aside, No, this is a respectable publication, meant to be read and kept. Circulation for the whole of Flanders: 60.000 copies.

'Imago' means "adult beetle" in Latin, which explains our logo, a beautiful beetle. The beetle is the lion of the insect kingdom: large, beautiful, useful, courageous, brave and agile. Properties which translate and convert our magazine into a highly efficient tool to reach the right target group. Return on investment is self-evident.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our editorial staff always supplies you with a number of exclusive articles in each issue, which focus on all types of issues in a professional manner.
Familiar sections in each issue, which have become a popular feature, include:
economy, finance and corporate life in general, fashion and all its aspects, extensive attention for culture, interior decoration & house & garden, one or more interviews with stars or politicians, scientific articles, health and other related matters, Body & Beauty, extensive sports features, film, gastronomy, tourism and travel, car news etc ...

Editorial staff
Editorial: Jan Tuerlinckx (
Editorial staff: Guy Goewie / Steven Verhamme / Wim De Mont / Hilda Renders / Martine Colon (
Photos: Henk van Cauwenbergh / Roger Mortelmans
Our editorial staff is extremely professional and each specializes in his or her own field:
Some examples: Guy Goewie, Steven Verhamme, Luke and Others Marc Lerouge: Interviews. Roger Mortelmans: Automobile – Mobile.
Hilde Renders: TV – Media – Body & Beauty. Martine Colon: Mode – Interior. Wim De Mont: Travel & Culture.
Sales: Jan Tuerlinckx / Martine Colon / Peter Timmermans / Patrick Bollaert. Info & administration:
Webmaster: Tino Jacobs (

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