1. Protection of privacy
Imago Magazine appreciates your interest in its activities and visiting her website at price. We find it important that you do not feel insecure when visiting our site and want to ensure that it is clear what happens to the personal information you provide to us.

  • Information you give us, with the aim of obtaining information from us, we store in order to process your inquiry.
  • Information you provide to us as part of a job application, We save and we deal with that goal in mind with the utmost care.
  • The stored information we will use to further optimize our website visitors through analysis.
  • We will use your information to keep you informed in the future about Imago Magazine and its products / services. If you do not want your data (Lake) being used, you can let us know.
  • Your data will be included in our files to keep you informed of our activities. You can still access your data, alter or delete. Your data may be transferred to other commercial partners so they can send you personalized promotional offers. If you do not wish, email us at office@imagomagazine.be.
  • Our website contains links to websites not Imago Magazine.

Imago Magazine is not responsible for the way that it handles in these websites with personal information.
All personal information will be included in a file.
These data are intended for the promotion of products and services Imago Magazine. You have right of access and correction rights concerning this data. Additional information: public Register (Commission for the Protection of Privacy).

2. Terms of Use
visiting, browsing and viewing this website is subject to our terms of use and all applicable laws. By visiting this website, browse and view, you accept the terms of use, as described below, without limitation or exclusion.

3. Copyright
The content of this website is copyrighted. The copyrights are owned by Imago Magazine, its customers and its partners. All rights reserved. Website Information (including but not limited to text, presentations, illustrations, pictures and sound) mag, unless otherwise indicated, not copied, reassigned, distributed or stored without prior written consent of Imago Magazine. Changes to the contents of the site are prohibited. Parts of the site contain illustrations that are explicitly covered by the copyright customers.

4. Liability
Getting information, displayed on this website, can in no way be derived from rights or claims. Links are provided as a service to other websites and it does not mean that Imago Magazine is responsible for the content of these websites. Moreover, it is your responsibility to check whether these websites are free of viruses and other harmful elements. Information on our website may be changed without prior notice or obligation.

5. Comments, Questions and suggestions
Imago Magazine would not confidential or receive information through this website. All information that you provide to us (suggestions, ideas and other) will be considered non-confidential and public (except as described in item 1. regarding the protection of privacy). By Imago Magazine sending material, Imago Magazine gives you the unlimited and irrevocable right to use this information, exhibit, to change, process and distribute and register this information. Imago Magazine also to freely apply ideas and techniques that let you send us. Imago Magazine has compiled this website with the utmost care. Imago Magazine welcomes any suggestions or comments. Any objections to certain texts or images, can also be made known.

6. jurisdiction
The Imago Magazine is free at any time to modify the terms of use by publishing again on this website. The terms of use are in accordance with Belgian law and the disputes will be settled in accordance with the same law. In the event that any part of these terms of use by a court of appropriate jurisdiction will be declared invalid or unenforceable, the relevant part of the terms of use be deemed forfeited, while the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use will remain in full force and validity of force.

7. cookie Policy
To our websites to better adapt to your needs and preferences, Imago Magazine makes use of cookies. You have the option to refuse cookies. In that case, we alert you can not function properly in certain parts of our websites. It may be that you will no longer have access to certain services that we offer on our website.

If you do not change your cookie settings and opting to 'continue', then goes Imago Magazine assumes that you accept our cookies.

Below we give you more information about cookies using a simple Q&A structure.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a text file in the web browser on your computer or mobile device - such as your Smartphone, iPhone, iPad etc. - Failure by the server of the website you see at that time. A cookie contains a code that can only be read by the server that placed it there. The server has no access to other information that resides on your computer or your mobile device.

How is a cookie file built up?
A cookie file is made up of:

  • The name of the server that placed the cookie file
  • An expiry date is given
  • A unique numerical code

What is the use of a cookie?
Using cookies, we ensure that your surfing experience as a visitor to one of our websites is experienced optimally. This among other things to help you quickly and easily navigate between different sections of the website or by adjusting the content of our site to your personal preferences eg. language preference.

Where can I find these cookies?
Cookies are placed on your computer or mobile device in a separate directory from your browser.

What is a "session cookie"?
This cookie has a function to recognize your browser during your visit to our web sites.

What is a "permanent cookie"?
This cookie has a function to recognize your browser in order to repeat visits to our websites.

What cookies are necessary?
You will get the impression that some parts of our websites or do not function properly if you turned off the necessary cookies. Imago Magazine uses such cookies for example when filling out contact forms or to join the discussions on our blogs. Imago Magazine uses 'necessary' cookies when you want to log into your personal account. Using these cookies we can verify your identity in a secure manner so as to provide access to the personal information that you left.

What are Functional Cookies?
As the word itself suggests, , these cookies for the optimal functioning of our websites so that you can experience a visit to our website as pleasant and personal as possible. Besko uses' Functional Cookies "remember" to your personal preferences and to avoid the same communication with repeated visits eg when participating in action.

What are Performance cookies'?
Imago Magazine uses' Performance cookies to determine how you use our sites with a view to adapting and improving the content and usability of our websites. For example, the number of visitors per page maintained that the most common language in which the website is visited.

What are Third Party Cookies?
These are cookies that are written from ads listed by third parties on the website of Imago Magazine. It's purpose is to change the advertisements and / or the content of the ads on your personal preferences. You will see these cookies only if you have not turned off the. When using third party cookies has neither Imago Magazine, or advertisers (third parties) your personal data.

Wat is ‘Embedded content’?
Imago magazine may refer on their websites to other sites via a clickable link. This will take you to a website of another organization. It may be that makes the website to which reference is also using cookies. Imago Magazine advises to consult the terms of use of the organization at that time, listed on their own website, to inform you about their privacy and cookie policy.

How to manage cookies?
Managing cookies you own hands. You can adjust your browser settings to your personal preferences. You can always remove both already installed cookies and refuse new cookies by changing your browser settings. The following website gives you an overview of the most used browsers to help guide you in setting your browser preferences:

Read more about the terms of use.

Have a question or would like additional information? Contact us.